Prof Sarah Jane Gurr - BSPP President

Educated at Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (BSc and PhD); graduate research assistant at Shell Research; post-doctoral fellow at St Andrews University; Royal Society University Research Fellow at Leeds University, Lectureship at Oxford, 1992, Readership 2002 and Professorship 2004. Fellow of Somerville College.

Awarded - Huxley medal by Imperial College; Leverhulme Trust Royal Society Senior Research Fellowship; NESTA fellowship; Oxford University award for excellence of teaching; (Social Blue, Imperial College for "services to the College cellar", 3 Gold medals at Chelsea in association with University of Oxford Botanic Garden, for science display prose).

Committee membership (past and present) - BSPP; BMS; BBSRC (various); Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin; Royal Society Summer Exhibition / Soiré; Board of Directors of Rothamsted Research, School Governor.

Interests - Fungal pathogens of plants, perception of host signals and signal transduction in pathogenic fungi, skin fungi, fungal biotechnology (Biofuel cell (laccase) and fungal ferromagnets). Funding from BBSRC, EPSRC, NERC, Leverhulme Trust, NESTA, DowAgrosciences, Syngenta, Aventis, BSPP, BMS, Gatsby (summer studentships).

Public Awareness and Understanding of Science - regular contributions to Science Week - talks / lectures on:

  • "Giant Microbes" for 10-12 year olds
  • "GM: A Golden Harvest?" for 12-18 year olds
  • "Fungi: Friend or Foe?" for 12-18 year olds
  • "A Light-hearted Look at the Origin of Grapes" for U3A

Passions - progeny (2 daughters), plants and Pouilly