Dr Julie Flood - BSPP President 2016

Julie Flood

Time of writing: 2014

Designation/Affiliation :
Senior Global Director for Commodities at CABI

Academic Qualifications:
B.Sc. Joint Honours In Botany and Microbiology
Ph.D. in Plant Pathology

Work Experience & Expertise:
Dr Julie Flood has 30 years experience working with perennial crops. In particular, her focus has been on diseases of cocoa, oil palm, coffee, coconut and cassava. She spent 16 years working in the UK academic system. Firstly working at the University of Bristol, conducting research and lecturing in plant pathology and mycology and later at the University of Bath, leading research on oil palm and cocoa. She then moved to Papua New Guinea as Head of Plant Pathology at CCRI working on cocoa and coconut. Returning to the UK, she joined CABI in 1996 as Senior Research Group Leader and was later promoted to Head of Department (2004). In early 2006, she became Regional Director for CABI’s European Centre with responsibility for all financial and operational issues across the Centre.

In late 2007, she moved to her current role which involves responsibility for the strategy of CABI’s commodities work and for overseeing CABI’s commodity related projects in crops such as oil palm, coffee, cocoa, high value horticulture and cotton. Much of this work involves improving the management of pests and diseases, increasing productivity through the adoption of good agricultural practices, enhancing the quality of produce and improving market access for producers. Her role also includes institutional development and capacity building, particularly in Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Africa. She has experience of working in, and collaboration with, national agricultural research institutes, international research institutes and private industry. She also has extensive experience of project development and in managing multinational, multi stakeholder projects.

Areas of interest:
Vascular diseases of tropical crops particularly vascular wilt coffee (Fusarium xylarioides ), vascular wilt of oil palm (Fusarium oxsyporum f.sp. elaeidis), vascular wilt of cocoa (Verticillium dahliae) and bacterial blight of cassava ((Xanthomonas campestris pv manihotis);Ganoderma stem rots of oil palm and Phytophthora diseases of cocoa and coconut including black pod and bud rot. She is increasingly interested in the wider aspects of plant health including the impact of plant health issues on trade and on food security.

She has over 100 scientific publications and has edited three scientific books.