Molecular Plant Pathology Online

MPPOL's reviewing and publishing process

MPPOL's reviewing and publishing procedure is just as rigorous as those of printed journals, but much faster!

  1. You send your script to the coordinating editor. (Details of how to submit an article.)
  2. Our editorial assistant converts your article to HTML, so that the review copy of your article can be read by editors and referees, using a web browser. The internet address of your article is confidential until it has been published (see 7 below).
  3. Your article is then sent to a member of the editorial board, who acts as one of two anonymous referees. This editor also chooses a second anonymous referee.
  4. The editor forwards his/her report and that of the second referee to the coordinating editor, together with a recommendation as to whether your article should be accepted, rejected or revised.
  5. The coordinating editor writes to you to give the journal's decision about your article. If appropriate, he will explain how your article needs to be revised to make it acceptable for publication. A revised article may need to be reviewed again.
  6. The final decision to accept or reject your article is made by two of the senior editors.
  7. If accepted, your article is then converted to its final form. After final proof-reading by yourself, your article and its location is added to MPPOL's contents page - and your article is published!